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iheartpvs's Journal

I ♥ Pvs
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What is I ♥ Pvs? - A community for sharing Asian Music promotional videos, tv clips, ect. (I.e. the things you can’t buy on websites).

Why? Because, the organizational methods of communities such as Iheartcinema and it’s sister communities inspired the mods to think that there needs to be somewhere that things can be added to memories/saved for easy reference; this way people won’t have to go to 30 communities to find the different things they’re looking for?

Why not just use Youtube? Because not everyone always has internet access when they want to watch something. (And because with youtube you just get 2,000 comments asking for the file to be sent anyways).


1. Don’t post audio files, video only.
2. Friends lock all entries.
3. Follow the required posting formats.
4. No bullshit. Don’t argue about what’s better ect. If you want drama take it to jrock_wank.
5. No posts of things you can buy! (Ie full dvds that are for sale, ect)
6. No requests! If you wanna request something you need to add it on to an upload post.
7. PLEASE tag your entry with the genere for easy searching, I.e. jpop, jrock, krock, cpop ect...
8. Comment if you download! Uploaders watch for comments, they'll be more likely to upload again if you do.
9. Please change your links from http to hxxp!

Posting format:

Pv/video Title:
Any other information you want:

also! when uploading please post no more then two sepearte artists in one post. (it makes it too hard to add to the memories if not)


As posts are made they will all be sorted by the band/artist they are then added into the memories by the mods.